The largest repair service in new buildings in Batumi
Designer Apartment Renovation "Turnkey" at a Fixed Price for 60 days
What are we doing?
Fast, functional package repair with 9 professional design options
Design project as a gift
We design interiors, create style and comfort in large and small apartments.
Fixed cost and term
We fix the cost and terms of the contract even before the start of work!
Professional teams
In our staff, builders with specialized education and experience of 3 years
Warranty 12 months
We are confident in the quality of our repairs and give a guarantee confirmed by the contract.
Online repair control
You will be able to monitor the progress of work in your apartment 24/7
We use materials for your task
With a focus on sustainability for living and durability for rentals
Choose a package
For any budget and exactingness with consistently high quality
$450 per 1m²

Fine finish

using finishing materials of the class "Standard".

Turnkey repair with installation of electrics, plumbing, window sills, doors.

Furniture is included in the price.

Standard set of options (to be agreed at the consultation)

$550 per 1m²
fine finish
with the use of high-class finishing materials "Comfort".
Turnkey repair with installation of electrics, plumbing, window sills, doors.
Furniture is included in the price.
Increased set of options (to be agreed at the consultation)
$650 per 1m²
Exclusive finish
using premium materials.
Turnkey repair with installation of exclusive electrics, plumbing and doors.
Furniture is included in the price.
The maximum set of options ((to be agreed at the consultation)
Choose the design of your apartment
Our designers have prepared for you the most popular design trends
Design in the style of "Minimalism"
The interior is extremely simple. Functionality, ultra-clean lines, plenty of free space. No frills.
Neutral and restrained color palette.
Design in "Classic" style
Clear lines, correct proportions, solidity and respectability, an indicator of high social status and reliability.
Calm and harmonious colors.
Loft style design
Naturalness, practical simple forms, a balance between negligence and accuracy. Openness, freedom and style.
The palette is based on light shades with accents of catchy dark colors.
Little Things Don't Happen
Our clients buy apartments for two main purposes: life and business (renting). We know better than anyone what materials to use in the first and second cases.
Business Materials
Emphasis on maximum practicality, wear resistance, anti-vandal properties.
You do not have to make repairs after each tenant.
Also avoid rapid wear of the apartment.
The more “tired” the apartment, the lower the rental price, the more difficult it is to sell it, if necessary.
We will make sure that the apartment looks new as long as possible.
Materials For Life
Emphasis on environmental friendliness, naturalness, durability, safety.
Floor, plaster, paint or wallpaper, have a pleasant texture, do not irritate either sight or smell.
Natural materials do not interfere with air exchange, creating a beneficial microclimate, a magical atmosphere, and relieve irritability and fatigue.
Your Home is Your Fortress.

All materials purchased by me and used by our company comply with European quality and safety standards.

Tigran Oskolov, Purchasing Specialist at Sun Invest

Stages of Repair
With "Sun Invest" - repair is really easy.
You only need to choose a style, equipment, and watch how the repair progresses.
Why repair with "Sun Invest" is profitable?
What 3 problems will you avoid working with us
Medium quality
There is no selection of materials based on tasks.
Average quality of repair and materials.

"Sun Invest":
Proven materials of the highest quality for your task.
Repairs carried out by professionals under constant supervision.
No guarantees
They don't give any guarantee. Yes, and the errors identified during acceptance will most likely have to be corrected by you.

"Sun Invest":
Own quality control department. Three days to receive the object by you to identify errors. Warranty 12 months.
Limited designs
Small selection of designs.
Repair without taking into account your personal wishes.

"Sun Invest":
A wide range of designs created based on market trends with the possibility of uniqueness to your taste.
Convinced you want to take the first step towards a perfect renovation?
Write to your manager.
He will answer all your questions and tell you what to do next.
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