Step-by-step instructions for the remote purchase of real estate in Georgia from the expert of the company "Sun Invest"

Getting Started with the Steps
See how easy and safe it is to become the owner of your dream property in Georgia.
Step 1: Selecting an Object
  • At the moment, 147 real estate objects are under construction in Batumi.
  • The selection of an object that ideally meets your desires is carried out by the manager of our company.
  • In order for us to know your desires - click on the button below, select a convenient messenger and answer the questions that our online administrator will ask.
Select Property
Step 2: Checking the Object
Below, in the drop-down lists, there is a checklist for online verification of real estate in Georgia.
Step 3: Preliminary contract
  • Your personal realtor sends you a contract of sale via messenger or personal mail for review.
  • If you agree with all the terms of the contract - sign, scan and send to the builder's mail for signing by their representative.
  • After signing by a representative, a scanned contract, signed by both parties, is sent to your email.
Step 4: Money Transfer
  • The buyer transfers the amount of the transaction from his current account to the current account of the developer company, indicating the purpose of the payment.
  • Payment is made at the current exchange rate of the national currency against the US dollar.
Step 5: Issuing a power of attorney
  • A power of attorney for the right to register real estate is issued in the buyer's country of residence, and then sent by courier mail.
  • The costs for the translation of the power of attorney into Georgian, as a rule, are covered by the developer.
Step 6: Property Registration
  • Registration is carried out at the House of Justice of Georgia on the basis of a preliminary sale and purchase agreement and a power of attorney provided and signed earlier.
  • The term is no more than four working days.
Step 7: Proof of Ownership
  • The last action of the sale is to obtain an extract from the register of ownership of the property.
  • This is done online on the website of the National Agency for the State Registry according to the instructions that I gave in the second step.
Additional questions
Conclusions and Result

Thanks to the opportunities provided by modern technologies, as well as a well-thought-out algorithm implemented by our company,

You can choose a property from thousands of miles away, and then make a secure transaction without the need for a personal presence, saving time, money and nerves!

We sincerely want you to buy your ideal property safely and easily and we will do our best to make it happen.
— Team "Sun Invest Property"